Ranca Upas bandung, Enjoy nature accompanied by deer

Bandung has many tourist attractions, especially in the city of Bandung itself and Lembang. Bandung also has a famous tourist area in the city of Ciwidey. This tourist spot is known as Ranca Upas Bandung.

Maybe fellow travelers often see photos of people posing with deer on a green plain that looks really natural as if on a mountain. it is very likely that fellow travelers are looking at photos of people who go to Ranca Upas Bandung.

Ranca Upas Bandung is a popular tourist spot in Bandung and many visitors come to enjoy the natural scenery, camp, and take pictures with the deer.

If you also want to have cool photos with cool natural panoramas or photos with deer, you can visit Ranca Upas when you are on vacation in Bandung.

Ticket price

Entrance ticket for tourists is IDR 20,000. not included with other entrance tickets, one of which is entering the Natural Spring Water Swimming Pool, which is IDR 20,000.

For camping, tourists can pay IDR 30,000, -. this also does not include tickets for various activities that can be done there.

For fellow travelers who want to rent a tent, Ranca Upas provides tent rentals with prices varying from IDR 150,000 to IDR 600,000.

How to Get there

Ranca Upas is open 24 hours and is located in the Rancabali sub-district, Bandung Regency, or about 50KM from the city of Bandung